Junagadh Agricultural University (Id: U-0140)

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College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology- Junagadh (Id: C-6352), Junagadh, Gujarat

College of Agriculture - Junagadh (Id: C-6351), Junagadh, Gujarat

College of Fisheries Sciences- Veraval (Id: C-6346), Junagadh, Gujarat

College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandary- Junagadh (Id: C-6345), Junagadh, Gujarat

PG Institute of Agricultural-Business Management- Junagadh (Id: C-6348), Junagadh, Gujarat

Polytechnic in Agriculture- Dhari (Id: C-6350), Amreli, Gujarat

Polytechnic in Agro-Processing- Junagadh (Id: C-6347), Junagadh, Gujarat

Polytechnic in Home Science- Amreli (Id: C-6344), Amreli, Gujarat

Polytechnic in Horticulture- Junagadh (Id: C-6349), Junagadh, Gujarat