Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa (Id: U-0160)

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Aakash College of Education, Vill. Chanderkalan, Tohana (Id: C-22418), Fatehabad, Haryana

APEX College of Education Ellenabad (Id: C-22439), Sirsa, Haryana

Apex College of Education, VPO-Bidhai Khera, Tohana (Id: C-22456), Fatehabad, Haryana

B.S.K. College of Education for Women, Mandi Dabwali (Id: C-22455), Sirsa, Haryana

Ch. R.R. Memorial College of Education, Ellenabad (Id: C-22415), Sirsa, Haryana

C.M.K. National Girls College, Sirsa (Id: C-22426), Sirsa, Haryana

C.R. D.A.V. Girls College of Education, Near Dabwali Road. Udham Singh Chowk, Ellenabad (Id: C-22413), Sirsa, Haryana

Crescent College of Education, Vill. Bhodia Khera (Id: C-22424), Fatehabad, Haryana

Daffodils College of Education, Matana Road, Opposite-Police Line, Fatehabad (Id: C-22430), Fatehabad, Haryana

Defence College of Educaton, Tohana (Id: C-22449), Fatehabad, Haryana

DMA National College of Education, SES Parisar,B-Block, Sirsa (Id: C-22450), Sirsa, Haryana

Government College, Bhattu Kalan, Fatehabad (Id: C-22421), Fatehabad, Haryana

Government College for Girls, Bhodia Khera, Fatehabad (Id: C-22440), Fatehabad, Haryana

Government College for Women, Ratia, Distt. Fatehabad (Id: C-47861), Fatehabad, Haryana

Government National College, Sirsa (Id: C-22444), Sirsa, Haryana

Govt. College, Ellenabad (Id: C-22454), Sirsa, Haryana

Govt. College, Mandi Dabwali (Id: C-22438), Sirsa, Haryana

Gramin College of Education, VPO Jamalpur Sheikhan, Tohana (Id: C-22441), Fatehabad, Haryana

Guru Dronacharya College of Education, Bhuna (Id: C-22416), Fatehabad, Haryana

Hakeem Harbans Singh New Era College of Education, Sant Nagar, Rania (Id: C-22412), Sirsa, Haryana

Haryana College of Education, Dhani Bachan Singh, Ellenabad (Id: C-22436), Sirsa, Haryana

I.G. Government College, Tohana (Id: C-22420), Fatehabad, Haryana


Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal College of Education, Barnala Road, Sirsa (Id: C-22446), Sirsa, Haryana

Janta Girls College, Ellenabad (Id: C-22434), Sirsa, Haryana

J.G. College of Education, Hisar Road, C/o Bharat Sainik School, Sirsa (Id: C-22443), Sirsa, Haryana

K.T. Government College, Ratia (Id: C-22422), Fatehabad, Haryana

Lala Hans Raj Phutela College of Law (Evening), Sirsa (Id: C-22448), Sirsa, Haryana

Mata Harki Devi College for Women, Odhan (Id: C-22447), Sirsa, Haryana

Mata Harki Devi College of Education for Women, Vill-Odhan (Id: C-22417), Sirsa, Haryana

M.M.College, Fatehabad (Id: C-22442), Fatehabad, Haryana

M.M. College of Education, Sirsa Road, Fatehabad (Id: C-22414), Fatehabad, Haryana

M.P. College for Women, Mandi- Dabwali (Id: C-22452), Sirsa, Haryana

MUH Jain College of Education, Vill. Chander Kalan, Tohana (Id: C-22429), Fatehabad, Haryana

Rashoba College of Education, Post Box No. 27, Moriwala, Sirsa (Id: C-22445), Sirsa, Haryana

Sanatan Dharam Sanskrit Mahavidyalya, Sirsa (Id: C-22423), Sirsa, Haryana

Shaheed Baba Deep Singh College of Education, Vill. Aharwan, Ratia (Id: C-22433), Fatehabad, Haryana

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Education, Kalanwali (Id: C-22419), Sirsa, Haryana

Shah Satnam Ji Boys College, Shahpur Begu, Sirsa (Id: C-22428), Sirsa, Haryana

Shah Satnam Ji College of Education, Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa (Id: C-22435), Sirsa, Haryana

Shah Satnam Ji Girls College, Sirsa (Id: C-22432), Sirsa, Haryana

Shri Durga Mahila Mahavidyal, Tohana (Id: C-22431), Fatehabad, Haryana

Sir Chhotu Ram Jat College of Education, Ellanabad (Id: C-22427), Sirsa, Haryana

Sri Guru Hari Singh College, Sri Jiwan Nagar (Id: C-22453), Sirsa, Haryana

Surya College of Education, Vill. Baliala, Tohana (Id: C-22425), Fatehabad, Haryana

Tirupati College of Education, Sardulgarh Road, Ratia (Id: C-22451), Fatehabad, Haryana

Triveni College of Education for Women, Hisar Road, Sirsa (Id: C-22437), Sirsa, Haryana