Davangere University, Davangere (Id: U-0218)

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ADB First Grade College, Harpanahalli (Id: C-17737), Davanagere, Karnataka

A.D.V.S. Arts & Commerce First Grade College, Sasvehalli (Id: C-17681), Davanagere, Karnataka

A.G.B. First Grade College, Davangere (Id: C-17760), Davanagere, Karnataka

A R G Arts and Commerce College, Davangere (Id: C-42258), Davanagere, Karnataka

A.R.M.First Grade college,Davangere (Id: C-17696), Davanagere, Karnataka

A.V.K. Women's college, Davangere (Id: C-17698), Davanagere, Karnataka

Baba Saheeb Ambedkar Centunary Degree College, Harihara (Id: C-17706), Davanagere, Karnataka

Badra Institute of Advanced Management & Information Science, Davangere (Id: C-17741), Davanagere, Karnataka

Bapuji Academy of Managment & Research, Davangere (Id: C-17692), Davanagere, Karnataka

Bapuji College of Education,B.I.E.T Campus, Davangere (Id: C-17674), Davanagere, Karnataka

Bapuji College Of Education, Chitradurga (Id: C-17757), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Bapuji First Grade College, Challakere, (Id: C-17709), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Bapuji Institute of Hi-tech Education, Davangere (Id: C-17763), Davanagere, Karnataka

Basava Bharathi First Grade College, Jagalur (Id: C-17728), Davanagere, Karnataka

B.E.A. College of Education & PG Centre, Davangere (Id: C-17762), Davanagere, Karnataka

B. Parameshwarappa Arts and Commerce College, Holalkere, (Id: C-17714), Chitradurga, Karnataka

B.S. Channabasappa First Grade college, Davangere (Id: C-17690), Davanagere, Karnataka

Chanukya First Grade College of commerce, Davangere (Id: C-17678), Davanagere, Karnataka

Chethana Hi-tech College of Management Studies, Davangere (Id: C-17716), Davanagere, Karnataka

Chitradurga P.G. Centre (Id: C-17721), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Davana Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Davangere (Id: C-17669), Davanagere, Karnataka

Dr.C.V.Raman College, Davangere (Id: C-17667), Davanagere, Karnataka

Dr.Jakeer Husain First Grade College, Davangere (Id: C-17756), Davanagere, Karnataka

D.R.M. Science College, Davangere (Id: C-17687), Davanagere, Karnataka

Fine Arts College (Id: C-17711), Davanagere, Karnataka

Girisha College Of education, Hiriyiur (Id: C-17672), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government Arts College, Chitradurga (Id: C-17673), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government College of Teacher Education Stadium Road, Chitradurga. (Id: C-17718), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Baramasagara. (Id: C-17730), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government First Grade College,, Basavapatna (Id: C-17701), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Davangere (Id: C-17712), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade College,,Harapanahalli (Id: C-17675), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade College,Harihara (Id: C-17705), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Holalkere, (Id: C-17676), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government First Grade College,,Honnali (Id: C-17731), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Hosadurga. (Id: C-17734), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government First Grade College,,Jagalur (Id: C-17739), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Javagondanahalli, (Id: C-17753), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Molakalmuru (Id: C-17735), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Nyamati (Id: C-17754), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Parushurampura. (Id: C-17710), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Government First Grade College, Santebennur (Id: C-17713), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government First Grade women's College, Davangere (Id: C-17764), Davanagere, Karnataka

Government Science College, Chitradurga. (Id: C-17740), Chitradurga, Karnataka

HCBM First Grade College, Jagalur (Id: C-42248), Davanagere, Karnataka

H.M.T. First Grade College, Nayakanahatti. (Id: C-17759), Chitradurga, Karnataka

HPPC Government First Grade College, Challakere. (Id: C-17750), Chitradurga, Karnataka

H.P.P.S. Arts & commerce First grade college,Harapanahalli. (Id: C-17748), Davanagere, Karnataka

Indiragandhi College of Education,Kuvempu Nagar, Hosadurga (Id: C-17726), Chitradurga, Karnataka

J.H.Patel Institute of Management & Technology, Davangere (Id: C-17671), Davanagere, Karnataka

Kala Nikethana College of fashion Designing, Davangere (Id: C-17766), Davanagere, Karnataka

KSS College of Education and PG centre, Davangere (Id: C-17738), Davanagere, Karnataka

Maharaja Madakari Nayaka First Grade Arts and Commerce College, Chitradurga (Id: C-17668), Chitradurga, Karnataka

M B Residential College, Sirigere (Id: C-22411), Chitradurga, Karnataka

MES College of Education, Davangere-577004 (Id: C-17708), Davanagere, Karnataka

MM College of Education, Davangere (Id: C-42253), Davanagere, Karnataka

M.S.B. Arts & commerce College, Davanger (Id: C-17758), Davanagere, Karnataka

Nutan College of Education,Davangere-577004 (Id: C-17729), Davanagere, Karnataka

Nutan institute of management, Davangere (Id: C-17751), Davanagere, Karnataka

P.V.S. B.Ed, College, Chitradurga (Id: C-17746), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Saraswathi Hi-tech College, Chitradurga (Id: C-17727), Chitradurga, Karnataka

S.B.C. First Grade College, Davangere (Id: C-26532), Davanagere, Karnataka

S.G.R.K. Women's college, Harihar (Id: C-17724), Davanagere, Karnataka

Shatamanosthava College of Physical Education. Malladihalli Chitradurga district (Id: C-42259), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Siddaratha College of Education, Jagalur -577528 (Id: C-17693), Davanagere, Karnataka

S.J.M. First Grade College, Chikkajajuru. (Id: C-17743), Chitradurga, Karnataka

S.J.V.P Autonomous college Harihar (Id: C-42257), Davanagere, Karnataka

S.J.V.P. College, Autonomous,Harihara (Id: C-17688), Davanagere, Karnataka

SJVP College of Education, Honnali-577217 (Id: C-17682), Davanagere, Karnataka

S.M. Krishna College of Education, Davangere-577001 (Id: C-17686), Davanagere, Karnataka

SMS First Grade College, Honnali (Id: C-42252), Davanagere, Karnataka

Smt.Banakapurada Channabasappa Women's college, Harapanahalli (Id: C-17679), Davanagere, Karnataka

Smt. Hemavathi Kuvempu Womens College of education, MM first grade college campus,Chitradurga (Id: C-17725), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Basaveshwara First Grade College, Hireguntanuru, (Id: C-17695), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Basaveshwara First Grade college,Kundur. (Id: C-17747), Davanagere, Karnataka

SRI Basaveshwara Government First Grade College ,Mayakonda (Id: C-17732), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri. Beeralingheshwara First Grade College, Malebennur (Id: C-17755), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Arts,Science and Commerce College, Chitradurga. (Id: C-17733), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Womens College, Chitradurga. (Id: C-17670), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Jattangi Rameswara Rural First Grade College, Rampura. (Id: C-42254), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Jayanna College of education, Challkere (Id: C-17717), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Kote Boramma First Grade Women's College, Challakere. (Id: C-42250), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Kote Sanna Borappa Boramma First Grade College, Imangala. (Id: C-17736), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Manjari Hanumanthappa College of Education, Davangere-577004 (Id: C-17719), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri. Manjunatha Swamy First Grade College, Davangere (Id: C-17722), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri Nandishwara Rural College of Education Harihara (Id: C-17684), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri Panchalingeshwara Arts and Commerce First Grade College, Dharmapura (Id: C-17761), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri. Parshwantha College of Education, Channagiri. (Id: C-43237), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri Ragavendra College of Education, Chitradurga (Id: C-17697), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Ragavendra College Of education, Mallladihalli, Chitradurga district (Id: C-17680), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri. Rajarajeshwari First Grade college Jagalur (Id: C-17723), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri Saradar Bhuta Singhji College Physical education. Imanagala, Hiriyur Taluk (Id: C-42256), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Srishaila College of Education, Harihara (Id: C-17702), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri Shivalingeshwara Government First Grade College, Channageri (Id: C-17694), Davanagere, Karnataka

Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru College of Physical Education, Davangere. (Id: C-42247), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri. Vejaya Sangameshwara College of Education, Hosadurga (Id: C-17767), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Venkateshwara College of Education, Chitradurga (Id: C-17749), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Venkateshwara First Grade College, Chitradurga. (Id: C-17699), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sri Yashodaramma Borappa Womens First Grade College, Chitradurga. (Id: C-17707), Chitradurga, Karnataka

S.R.S. College of education, Chitradurga (Id: C-17677), Chitradurga, Karnataka

S.R.S. First Grade College, Chitradurga. (Id: C-42251), Chitradurga, Karnataka

SSMB College of Education for Women, Davangere-577005 (Id: C-17683), Davanagere, Karnataka

ST Aloysius College, Harihar (Id: C-42261), Davanagere, Karnataka

St. Mary's College of Education, Chitradurga (Id: C-17720), Chitradurga, Karnataka

TMAE College of Education, Harapanahalli (Id: C-42249), Davanagere, Karnataka

UBDT Engineering College (Id: C-17703), Davanagere, Karnataka

Vani Sakkare Government First Grade College, Hiryuru. (Id: C-17752), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Vedavati Government First Grade College, Hiryuru. (Id: C-42255), Chitradurga, Karnataka