Karnataka State Law University, Hubli (Id: U-0227)

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Al-Ameen College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9786), Bangalore, Karnataka

Anjuman Law College, Bijapur (Id: C-9822), Bijapur, Karnataka

Arunodaya Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore (Id: C-9779), Bangalore, Karnataka

Babu Jagajeevanram Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9869), Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore (Id: C-9832), Bangalore, Karnataka

Basavshree College of Law, Kolar (Id: C-9783), Kolar, Karnataka

B.E.S. College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9816), Bangalore, Karnataka

Bishop Cotton Women Christian Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9790), Bangalore, Karnataka

B.L.D.E. Association Law College, Jamkhandi. (Id: C-9802), Bagalkot, Karnataka

B.M.S. College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9849), Bangalore, Karnataka

B.V. Bellad Law College, Belgaum. (Id: C-9847), Belgaum, Karnataka

C.B.R. Law College, Shimoga (Id: C-9801), Shimoga, Karnataka

CMR Law School, Bangalore (Id: C-9823), Bangalore, Karnataka

D.B.H. P.S. Law College, Koppal (Id: C-9858), Koppal, Karnataka

Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Law College, Bangalore. (Id: C-9855), Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Rammanohar Lohia College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9844), Bangalore, Karnataka

G.K. Law College, Hubli. (Id: C-9837), Dharwad, Karnataka

Government Law College, Hassan (Id: C-9807), Hassan, Karnataka

Government Law College, Holenarasipura (Id: C-9835), Hassan, Karnataka

Government Law College, Kolar (Id: C-9854), Kolar, Karnataka

Government Law College, Ramanagar. (Id: C-9817), Ramanagara, Karnataka

Havanur College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9840), Bangalore, Karnataka

Hurakadali Ajja Law College, Dharwad. (Id: C-9863), Dharwad, Karnataka

H.V. Koujalagi Law College, Bailhongal (Id: C-9809), Belgaum, Karnataka

Indira Priyadarshini College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9852), Bangalore, Karnataka

Jawahar Law College, Yadagiri. (Id: C-9862), Gulbarga, Karnataka

J.N.R. Ladda Law College, Sedam (Id: C-9791), Gulbarga, Karnataka

J.S.S. Law College, Hubli. (Id: C-9824), Dharwad, Karnataka

J.S.S. Law College, Mysore (Id: C-9787), Mysore, Karnataka

Karnataka Law College, Gulbarga. (Id: C-9781), Gulbarga, Karnataka

Kempegowda College of Law, Chikaballapur. (Id: C-9861), Chikkaballapura, Karnataka

K.L.E. Society Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9866), Bangalore, Karnataka

K.L.E. Society Law College, Chikodi (Id: C-9795), Belgaum, Karnataka

K.N. Nagegowda College of Law, Malavalli (Id: C-9778), Mandya, Karnataka

K.P.E.S. G.M. Patil Law College, Dharwad. (Id: C-9805), Dharwad, Karnataka

KSLU the School of Law (Id: C-9813), Dharwad, Karnataka

Kurunji Venkatramana Gowda Law College, Sullia (Id: C-9800), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Mahadevappa Gadgi Law College, Bidar (Id: C-9827), Bidar, Karnataka

Mahatma Gandhiji Law College, Sankeshwar (Id: C-9865), Belgaum, Karnataka

M.E.S. Law College, Sirsi (Id: C-9821), Uttara Kannada, Karnataka

M.H. College of Law, Ramanagar. (Id: C-9850), Ramanagara, Karnataka

M. Krishana Law College, Hassan (Id: C-9836), Hassan, Karnataka

M.K. Sreenivasa Shetty Law College, Chikmagalore. (Id: C-9826), Chikmagalur, Karnataka

M.S. Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9785), Bangalore, Karnataka

Panchami College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9842), Bangalore, Karnataka

P.E.S. Law College, Mandya. (Id: C-9818), Mandya, Karnataka

Raja Lakhamgouda Law College, Belgaum (Id: C-9775), Belgaum, Karnataka

Rajiv Gandhi College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9830), Bangalore, Karnataka

R.K. Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9796), Bangalore, Karnataka

R.L. Law College, Davangere (Id: C-9845), Davanagere, Karnataka

R.T.E.S Law College, Ranebennur (Id: C-9833), Haveri, Karnataka

R.V. Bidap Law College, Bidar (Id: C-9851), Bidar, Karnataka

Sagar Gangotri Law College, Sagar (Id: C-9859), Shimoga, Karnataka

S.A. Manvi Law College, Gadag. (Id: C-9841), Gadag, Karnataka

Sarswati Law College, Chitraduraga (Id: C-9867), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Sarvodaya Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9788), Bangalore, Karnataka

S.B.R.R. Mahajan Law College, Mysore (Id: C-9815), Mysore, Karnataka

S.C. Nandimath Law College, Bagalkot (Id: C-9811), Bagalkot, Karnataka

S.D.M. Law College, Mangalore (Id: C-9804), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Seshadripuram Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9831), Bangalore, Karnataka

Seth Chunilal Amarchand Bohra Law College, Raichur (Id: C-9825), Raichur, Karnataka

Seth Shankarlal Lahoti Law College, Gulbarga (Id: C-9799), Gulbarga, Karnataka

Sharadha Vilas Law College, Mysore (Id: C-9829), Mysore, Karnataka

Shri Balaji College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9860), Bangalore, Karnataka

Shri Jagadguru Renukacharya College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9776), Bangalore, Karnataka

Shri Kengal Hanumanthaiya Law College, K.G.F. (Id: C-9784), Kolar, Karnataka

Shri. Laxmanrao Jarkihole Law College, Gokak. (Id: C-9798), Belgaum, Karnataka

Siddheshwar Law College, Bijapur. (Id: C-9856), Bijapur, Karnataka

Sidhartha Law College, Gulbarga. (Id: C-9839), Gulbarga, Karnataka

S.J.M. Law College, Chitraduraga (Id: C-9810), Chitradurga, Karnataka

Smt. Basamma Gurulingappa Law College, Lingsugur (Id: C-9838), Raichur, Karnataka

Smt. Indira Law College, Basavakalyana (Id: C-9777), Bidar, Karnataka

Sree Krishna Institute of Law, Tumkur (Id: C-9797), Tumkur, Karnataka

Teachers Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9803), Bangalore, Karnataka

The Oxford College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9857), Bangalore, Karnataka

Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, Udupi. (Id: C-9792), Udupi, Karnataka

Vidyavardhaka Law College, Mysore (Id: C-9808), Mysore, Karnataka

Vidyodaya Law College, Tumkur (Id: C-9828), Tumkur, Karnataka

Vishveswarapura Law College, Bangalore (Id: C-9806), Bangalore, Karnataka

Vivekananda College of Law, Bangalore (Id: C-9780), Bangalore, Karnataka

Vivekananda Law College, Puttur (Id: C-9820), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Vunki Sannarudrappa Law College, Bellary (Id: C-9846), Bellary, Karnataka