Vesveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum (Id: U-0249)

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Academy for Technical and Management Excellence, MYSORE (Id: C-1244), Mysore, Karnataka

Acharya Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1319), Bangalore, Karnataka

Acharya Pathashala Rural College of Engg., BANGALORE (Id: C-1248), Bangalore, Karnataka

Acharyar NRV School of Architecture, BANGALORE (Id: C-1414), Bangalore, Karnataka

Achutha Institute of Technology, CHIKKABALLAPUR (Id: C-1286), Chikkaballapura, Karnataka

ACS College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1440), Bangalore, Karnataka

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, CHIKKAMAGALUR (Id: C-1289), Chikmagalur, Karnataka

AGM Rural College of Engineering & Technology, VARUR (Id: C-1316), Dharwad, Karnataka

AIR FORCE TECHNICAL COLLEGE, BANGALORE (Id: C-47267), Bangalore, Karnataka

AIR FORCE TEST PILOTS SCHOOL, BANGALORE (Id: C-47268), Bangalore, Karnataka

Akshaya Institute of Technology, TUMKUR DIST (Id: C-1287), Tumkur, Karnataka

Alpha College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1259), Bangalore Rural, Karnataka

Alvas Institute of Engineering and Technology, MOODBIDRI (Id: C-1284), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

A M C College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1231), Bangalore, Karnataka

Amrutha Institute of Engineering & Management Sciences, BANGALORE (Id: C-1436), Bangalore, Karnataka

Angadi Institute of Technology & Mgmt., BELAGAVI (Id: C-1423), Belgaum, Karnataka

Anjuman Engineering College, BHATKAL (Id: C-1355), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Appa Institute of Engineering & Technology, GULBARGA (Id: C-1399), Gulbarga, Karnataka

Atria Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1264), Bangalore, Karnataka

Auden Technology & Management Academy, BANGALORE (Id: C-1304), Bangalore, Karnataka

Bahubali College of Engineering, SHRAVANABELAGOLA (Id: C-1250), Hassan, Karnataka

Ballari Institute of Technology & Management, BELLARY (Id: C-1290), Bellary, Karnataka

Bangalore College of Engineering & Tech, BANGALORE (Id: C-1260), Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore Institute of Technology, BANGALORE-560 004 (Id: C-1340), Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore Technological Institute, BANGALORE (Id: C-1418), Bangalore, Karnataka

Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology, DAVANAGERE (Id: C-1428), Davanagere, Karnataka

Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology, Davanagere (QIP Centres) (Id: C-1347), Davanagere, Karnataka

Basava Academy of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1330), Bangalore, Karnataka

Basava Kalyan Engineering College, BASAVA KALYAN (Id: C-1245), Bidar, Karnataka

Basaveshwar Engineering College, BAGALKOT (Id: C-1360), Bagalkot, Karnataka

Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1325), Bagalkot, Karnataka

Bearys Institute of Technology, MANGALORE (Id: C-1236), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

B G S Inst., of Technology, Mandya Dist (Id: C-1243), Mandya, Karnataka

BLDEAs College of Engg. & Technology, BIJAPUR (Id: C-1310), Bijapur, Karnataka

BMS College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1262), Bangalore, Karnataka

B M S (Even) College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1422), Bangalore, Karnataka

B M S Institute of technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1336), Bangalore, Karnataka

BMS SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, YELAHANKA (Id: C-47256), Bangalore, Karnataka

B N M Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1398), Bangalore, Karnataka

Brindavan College of Engg., BANGALORE (Id: C-1365), Bangalore, Karnataka

B T L Institute of Technology Management, BANGALORE (Id: C-1240), Bangalore, Karnataka

B V B College of Engg. & Technology, HUBLI (Id: C-1313), Dharwad, Karnataka

B V B College of Engineering, Hubli (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1432), Dharwad, Karnataka

Camridge Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1416), Bangalore, Karnataka

Canara Engineering College, BANTWAL (Id: C-1323), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

C. Bairegouda Institute of Technology, KOLAR (Id: C-1318), Kolar, Karnataka

City Engineering College, BANGALORE (Id: C-1307), Bangalore, Karnataka

C M R Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1406), Bangalore, Karnataka

Coorg Institute of Technology, PONNAMPET (Id: C-1394), Kodagu, Karnataka


Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1413), Bangalore, Karnataka

Don Bosco Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1258), Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1291), Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. M V Shetty Institute of Technology, MANGALORE TALUK (Id: C-1335), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Mahaswamy College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1376), Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Timmaiah Institute of Technology, K G F (Id: C-1379), Kolar, Karnataka

East Point College of Engg. for Women, BANGALORE (Id: C-1364), Bangalore, Karnataka

East Point College of Engg., & Tech., BANGALORE (Id: C-1383), Bangalore, Karnataka

East West Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1356), Bangalore, Karnataka

Ekalavya Institute of Technology, CHAMARAJANAGAR (Id: C-1230), Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Ghousia College of Engineering, RAMANAGARAM (Id: C-1419), Ramanagara, Karnataka


Global Academy of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1253), Bangalore, Karnataka


G M Institute of Technology, DAVANGERE (Id: C-1374), Davanagere, Karnataka


Gogte Institute of Technology, BELGAUM (Id: C-1439), Belgaum, Karnataka

Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1234), Belgaum, Karnataka

Gopalan College of Engineering & Management, BANGALORE (Id: C-1429), Bangalore, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, BELLARY (Id: C-1425), Bellary, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, CHAMARAJANAGARA (Id: C-1292), Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, HASSAN (Id: C-1385), Hassan, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, HAVERI (Id: C-1309), Haveri, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, KARAWAR (Id: C-1314), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, KUSHALANAGAR (Id: C-1274), Mandya, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, MANDYA (Id: C-1322), Mandya, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, RAICHUR (Id: C-1267), Raichur, Karnataka

Govt. Engineering College, RAMANAGARA (Id: C-1328), Ramanagara, Karnataka

Govt. S K S J Technological Institute, BANGALORE (Id: C-1348), Bangalore, Karnataka

Govt. S K S J Technological Institute(Eve), BANGALORE (Id: C-1431), Bangalore, Karnataka

Govt. Tool Room & Training Center, MYSORE (Id: C-1388), Mysore, Karnataka

Govt. Tool Room & Training Centre, BANGALORE (Id: C-1334), Bangalore, Karnataka

G S S Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1294), Bangalore, Karnataka

G S S S Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, MYSORE (Id: C-1341), Mysore, Karnataka

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, BIDAR (Id: C-1246), Bidar, Karnataka

Hirasugar Institute of Technology, NIDASOSHI (Id: C-1409), Belgaum, Karnataka

H K B K Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1395), Bangalore, Karnataka

H M S Institute of Technology, TUMKUR (Id: C-1241), Tumkur, Karnataka


Impact College of Engg. & Applied Science, BANGALORE (Id: C-1363), Bangalore, Karnataka

Islamiah Inst. of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1362), Bangalore, Karnataka

Jain College of Engineering, BELGAUM (Id: C-1306), Belgaum, Karnataka


Jnana Vikas Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1255), Bangalore, Karnataka

J N N College of Engineering, SHIMOGA (Id: C-1384), Shimoga, Karnataka

JSS Academy Institute of Technologhy, MOURITIUS (Id: C-1303), Mysore, Karnataka

J S S Academy of Technical Education, BANGALORE (Id: C-1410), Bangalore, Karnataka


Kalpataru Institute of Technology, TIPTUR (Id: C-1390), Tumkur, Karnataka

Kammavari Sangh Group & Institutions, BANGALORE SOUTH (Id: C-1344), Bangalore, Karnataka

Karavali Institute of Technology, MANGALORE (Id: C-1380), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Karnataka Law Society, HALIYAL Dt: N.K. (Id: C-1282), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

K B N College of Engineering, GULBARGA (Id: C-1351), Gulbarga, Karnataka

K C T Engineering College, GULBARGA (Id: C-1280), Gulbarga, Karnataka

KLE Institute of Technology, HUBLI (Id: C-1252), Dharwad, Karnataka

K L Es College of Engg. & Technology, BELGAUM (Id: C-1373), Belgaum, Karnataka

KLEs College of Engineering & Technology, Chikkodi (Id: C-1237), Belgaum, Karnataka

K N S Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1276), Bangalore, Karnataka

K S Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1283), Bangalore, Karnataka

K V G College of Engineering, SULLIA (Id: C-1256), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka


Maharaja Institute of Tech., MYSORE (Id: C-1278), Mysore, Karnataka

Malik Sandal Inst. of Arts & Architecture, BIJAPUR (Id: C-1299), Bijapur, Karnataka

Malnad College of Engineering, HASSAN (Id: C-1300), Hassan, Karnataka

Mangalore Institute of Engg. & Technology,MANGALORE (Id: C-1402), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka


Maratha Mandal Engineering College, BELGAUM (Id: C-1357), Belgaum, Karnataka

Moodalkatte Institute of Technology, Moodlekatti, UDUPI (Id: C-1387), Udupi, Karnataka

M S Engineering College, BANGALORE (Id: C-1343), Bangalore, Karnataka

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1331), Bangalore, Karnataka

M V J College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1249), Bangalore, Karnataka

Nadgir Institute of Engg. & Tech., BANGALORE (Id: C-1403), Bangalore, Karnataka

Nagarjuna College of Engg. & Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1407), Bangalore, Karnataka

National Institute of Engineering (Even), MYSORE (Id: C-1438), Mysore, Karnataka

National Institute of Engineering, MYSORE (Id: C-1263), Mysore, Karnataka

National Institute of Engineering, Mysore (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1333), Mysore, Karnataka

Navodaya Institute of Technology, RAICHUR (Id: C-1242), Raichur, Karnataka

New Horizon College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1371), Bangalore, Karnataka

NIE Institute of Technology, MYSORE (Id: C-1426), Mysore, Karnataka

Nitte Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1352), Bangalore, Karnataka

N M A M Institute of Technology, NITTE (Id: C-1400), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

N M A M Institute of Technology, Nitte (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1434), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Oxford College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1377), Bangalore, Karnataka

P A College of Engineering, MANGALORE (Id: C-1311), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

P D A College of Engineering, GULBARGA (Id: C-1301), Gulbarga, Karnataka

P D A College of Engineering, Gulbarga (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1349), Gulbarga, Karnataka

P E S College of Engineering, MANDYA (Id: C-1345), Mandya, Karnataka

P E S Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1408), Bangalore, Karnataka

PES Institute of Technology & Management, SHIVAMOGA (Id: C-1358), Shimoga, Karnataka

P E S School of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1232), Bangalore, Karnataka

P N S Womens Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1437), Bangalore, Karnataka

Prasaanna College of Engineering & Technology, BELTANGADI (Id: C-1239), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Proudadevaraya Institute of Technology, HOSPET (Id: C-1337), Bellary, Karnataka

RajaRajesheshwari College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1404), Bangalore, Karnataka

Rajeev Institute of Technology, HASSAN (Id: C-1338), Hassan, Karnataka

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1389), Bangalore Rural, Karnataka

Rao Bahaddur Y Mahabaleshwarappa Engineering College, BELLARY (Id: C-1396), Bellary, Karnataka

Reva Institute of Engg. & Tech., BANGALORE (Id: C-1354), Bangalore, Karnataka

R L Jalappa Institute of Technology, DODDABALLAPURA (Id: C-1275), Chikkaballapura, Karnataka

R N S Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1332), Bangalore, Karnataka

R R Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1378), Bangalore, Karnataka

Rural Engineering College, BHALKI (Id: C-1261), Bidar, Karnataka

Rural Engineering College, HULKOTI (Id: C-1372), Gadag, Karnataka

R V College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1269), Bangalore, Karnataka

R V College of Engineering, Bangalore (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1326), Bangalore, Karnataka

Sahyadri Institute of Technology & Management, MANGALORE (Id: C-1265), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Saint Joseph College of Engg. & Tech., DAKSHINA KANNADA (Id: C-1277), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1235), Bangalore, Karnataka

Sambhram Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1424), Bangalore, Karnataka

Sampoorna Institute of Technology & Research,RAMANAGAR DIST (Id: C-1293), Ramanagara, Karnataka

Sapthagiri College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1359), Bangalore, Karnataka

S B M Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1254), Bangalore, Karnataka

S C T Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1375), Bangalore, Karnataka

S D M College of Engg. & Technology, DHARWAD (Id: C-1315), Dharwad, Karnataka

S D M College of Engineering & Technology, Dharwad (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1339), Dharwad, Karnataka

SEA College of Engineering & Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1268), Bangalore, Karnataka

SECAB Institute of Engg. & Technology, BIJAPUR (Id: C-1397), Bijapur, Karnataka

S G Balekundri Institute of Technology, BELGAUM (Id: C-1321), Belgaum, Karnataka

Shah-Shib College of Engineering,CHIKKABALLAPUR (Id: C-1386), Chikkaballapura, Karnataka

Shaikh College of Engineering & Technology, BELGAUM (Id: C-1317), Belgaum, Karnataka


Shirdi Sai Engineering College, BANGALORE (Id: C-1391), Bangalore, Karnataka

Shree Devi Institute of Technology, MANGALORE (Id: C-1405), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Shridevi Institute of Engg, & Technology, TUMKUR (Id: C-1279), Tumkur, Karnataka

Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwar Educational Society, UJIRE (Id: C-1392), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology & Management, BANTAKAL (Id: C-1433), Udupi, Karnataka


Siddaganga Institute of Technology, TUMKUR (Id: C-1297), Tumkur, Karnataka

Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1420), Tumkur, Karnataka

Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1327), Bangalore, Karnataka

S J B Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1271), Bangalore, Karnataka

S J C Institute of Technology, CHICKBALLAPUR (Id: C-1320), Chikkaballapura, Karnataka

S J C Institute of Technology, Chickballapur (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1417), Chikkaballapura, Karnataka

S J M Institute of Technology, CHITRADURGA (Id: C-1266), Chitradurga, Karnataka

S L N College of Engineering, RAICHUR (Id: C-1370), Raichur, Karnataka

Smt. Kamala & Vekappa M Agadi College of Engg. & Technology, Lakshmeshwara (Id: C-1324), Gadag, Karnataka

Sri Basaveshwar Institute of Technology, TIPTUR (Id: C-1302), Tumkur, Karnataka

Sri Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology, GUBBI (Id: C-1312), Tumkur, Karnataka

Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engg., MYSORE (Id: C-1412), Mysore, Karnataka

Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore (QIP Centre) (Id: C-1247), Mysore, Karnataka

Sri Jayachamrajendra College of Engg (Even.), MYSORE (Id: C-1272), Mysore, Karnataka

Sri Krishana Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1421), Bangalore, Karnataka

Sri Krishna School of Engineering & Mgmt., BANGALORE (Id: C-1393), Bangalore, Karnataka

Srinivas Institute of Technology, Magalore (Id: C-1281), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Srinivas School of Engineering, Mangalore (Id: C-1369), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1382), Bangalore, Karnataka

Sri Tontadarya College of Engineering, GADAG (Id: C-1361), Gadag, Karnataka

Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, BANGALORE (Id: C-1381), Bangalore, Karnataka

S T J Institute of Technology, RANEBENNUR (Id: C-1411), Haveri, Karnataka

T. John Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1285), Bangalore, Karnataka

U. B. D. T College of Engineering, (Constituent College of VTU) Davangere (Id: C-1401), Davanagere, Karnataka

UBDT College of Engineering, Davanagere (Id: C-1366), Davanagere, Karnataka

Veerappa Nisty Engineering College, HASNAPUR (Id: C-1308), Gulbarga, Karnataka

Vemana Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1288), Bangalore, Karnataka

Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering, MYSORE (Id: C-1273), Mysore, Karnataka

Vidya Vikas Institute of Technology, MYSORE (Id: C-1353), Mysore, Karnataka

Vijaya Vittal Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1257), Bangalore, Karnataka

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum (Id: C-1368), Belgaum, Karnataka

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Office, Bangalore (Id: C-1251), Bangalore, Karnataka

Visvesvaraya Technological University, VTU Regional Office, Gulbarga (Id: C-1367), Gulbarga, Karnataka

Visvesvaraya Technological University, VTUs Regional Office, Mysore (Id: C-1295), Mysore, Karnataka

Vivekananda College of Engg. & Tech., PUTTUR (Id: C-1329), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Vivekananda Institute of Technology, BANGALORE (Id: C-1342), Bangalore Rural, Karnataka

V S Ms Institute of Technology, NIPPANI (Id: C-1346), Belgaum, Karnataka

VTU Extension Center, BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore (Id: C-1305), Bangalore, Karnataka

VTU Extension Center, Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Centre, Bangalore (Id: C-1270), Bangalore, Karnataka

V.T.U Extension Center, N M A M Institute of Technology, Nitte (Id: C-1238), Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

VTU Extension Centre, IR Rasta, Bangalore (Id: C-1430), Bangalore, Karnataka

VTU Extension Centre, National Institute of Engineering, Mysore (Id: C-1435), Mysore, Karnataka

VTU Extension Centre, PES College of Engineering, Mandya (Id: C-1350), Mandya, Karnataka

VTU Extension centre, Reva Institute of Technology & Management, Bangalore (Id: C-1233), Bangalore, Karnataka

VTU Extension Centre, Sri Jayachamrajendra College of Engineering Campus, Mysore (Id: C-1298), Mysore, Karnataka

VTU Extension Centre, United Technologies Ltd, Bangalore (Id: C-1415), Bangalore, Karnataka

Yagachi Institute of Technology, HASSAN (Id: C-1296), Hassan, Karnataka

Yellamma Dasappa Institute of Tech., BANGALORE (Id: C-1427), Bangalore, Karnataka