Manipur University, Imphal (Id: U-0337)

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ASUFU CHRISTIAN COLLEGE (Id: C-47673), Senapati, Manipur

Bethany Christian College (Id: C-9368), Churachandpur, Manipur

Biramangol College (Id: C-9397), Imphal East, Manipur

Churachandunpur College (Id: C-9393), Churachandpur, Manipur

C.I. College (Id: C-9431), Bishnupur, Manipur

C M C COLLEGE OF NURSING (Id: C-48080), Imphal East, Manipur

COLLEGE OF NURSING (Id: C-48078), Imphal West, Manipur

College of Social Work (Id: C-9413), Imphal West, Manipur

Damdei Christian College (Id: C-9424), Senapati, Manipur

D.M. College of Arts (Id: C-9432), Imphal West, Manipur

D.M. College of Commerce (Id: C-9409), Imphal West, Manipur

D.M. College of Science (Id: C-9428), Imphal West, Manipur

D.M. College of Teachers' Education (Id: C-9434), Imphal West, Manipur

DOEACC (Id: C-9377), Imphal East, Manipur

Don Bosco College (Id: C-9430), Senapati, Manipur

Government Polytechnic (Id: C-9425), Imphal West, Manipur

G.P. Women's College (Id: C-9423), Imphal West, Manipur

Hill College (Id: C-9399), Senapati, Manipur

Hindi Teachers' Training College (Id: C-9396), Imphal West, Manipur

Ideal Girls' College (Id: C-9401), Imphal East, Manipur

Imphal Art College (Id: C-9391), Imphal East, Manipur

Imphal College (Id: C-9363), Imphal West, Manipur

Institute of Cooperative Management (Id: C-9412), Imphal West, Manipur

Institute of Rural Education (Id: C-9367), Thoubal, Manipur

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (Id: C-9403), Imphal East, Manipur

Jiri College (Id: C-9370), Imphal East, Manipur

Kakching Khunou College (Id: C-9429), Thoubal, Manipur

Kamakhya Pemton College (Id: C-9369), Imphal West, Manipur

Kanggui Christian College (Id: C-9366), Senapati, Manipur

Kangleipak Medical & Nursing Institute (Id: C-9436), Imphal East, Manipur

Kanon Devi Memorial College of Teachers' Education (Id: C-9395), Imphal East, Manipur

Kha-Manipur College (Id: C-9437), Thoubal, Manipur

Kumbi College (Id: C-9415), Bishnupur, Manipur

Lamka College (Id: C-9386), Churachandpur, Manipur

Liberal College (Id: C-9421), Imphal West, Manipur

Lilong Haoreibi College (Id: C-9414), Thoubal, Manipur

LMS Law College (Id: C-9408), Imphal East, Manipur

Mangolnganbi College (Id: C-9387), Bishnupur, Manipur

Manipur College (Id: C-9394), Imphal West, Manipur

Manipur Institute of Technology (Id: C-9388), Imphal West, Manipur

Mayai Lambi Colege (Id: C-9419), Imphal West, Manipur

M.B. College (Id: C-9406), Imphal East, Manipur

Modern College (Id: C-9385), Imphal East, Manipur

Moirang College (Id: C-9372), Bishnupur, Manipur

Moreh College (Id: C-9407), Chandel, Manipur

Mt. Everest College (Id: C-9427), Senapati, Manipur

Mt Pisgah (Id: C-9400), Senapati, Manipur

Nambol L. Sanoi College (Id: C-9398), Bishnupur, Manipur

N. Birahari Collge (Id: C-9420), Imphal East, Manipur

NG College (Id: C-9417), Imphal West, Manipur

Ng. Mani College (Id: C-9411), Imphal East, Manipur

Oriental College (Id: C-9362), Imphal West, Manipur

Pettigrew College (Id: C-9364), Ukhrul, Manipur

Pole Star College (Id: C-9374), Thoubal, Manipur

Pravabati College (Id: C-9380), Imphal West, Manipur

Presidency College (Id: C-9410), Senapati, Manipur

Rayburn College (Id: C-9438), Churachandpur, Manipur

R D O COLLEGE OF NURSING (Id: C-48075), Imphal West, Manipur

Regional College (Id: C-9373), Imphal West, Manipur

Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (Id: C-9435), Imphal West, Manipur

R,K, Sanatombi Devi College of Teachers' Education (Id: C-9376), Imphal East, Manipur

Royal Academy of Law (Id: C-9392), Bishnupur, Manipur

Shree Shree Gourgovinda Girls' College (Id: C-9375), Imphal East, Manipur

S.K. Women's College (Id: C-9405), Bishnupur, Manipur

South East Manipur College (Id: C-9379), Chandel, Manipur

Standard College (Id: C-9426), Imphal East, Manipur

Tamenglong College (Id: C-9402), Tamenglong, Manipur

Thambal Marik College (Id: C-9383), Bishnupur, Manipur

Th. Ibotombi Institute of Teachers' Training Education (Id: C-9418), Bishnupur, Manipur

Thoubal College (Id: C-9371), Thoubal, Manipur

Trinity Teachers' Training College (Id: C-9365), Imphal East, Manipur

T.S. Paul Manipur Women's College (Id: C-9390), Imphal West, Manipur

United College (Id: C-9384), Chandel, Manipur

VISHAL LAW COLLEGE (Id: C-48082), Imphal West, Manipur

Waikhom Mani Girls' College (Id: C-9381), Thoubal, Manipur

Western College (Id: C-9422), Imphal West, Manipur

Yairipok Universal College (Id: C-9433), Thoubal, Manipur

Y.K. College (Id: C-9404), Thoubal, Manipur