Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar (Id: U-0365)

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Academy of Management Studies (Id: C-23117), Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Academy of Yoga and Oriental Studies (Id: C-23099), Khordha, Odisha

Ashutosh Maharaj College of Management and Technology (Id: C-23081), Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Asian Institute of Social Science and Technology (Id: C-23120), Ganjam, Odisha

Asian School of Business Management (Id: C-23116), Khordha, Odisha

Balasore College of Art and Crafts (Id: C-23118), Baleshwar, Odisha

Bhadrak College of Art and Crafts (Id: C-23112), Bhadrak, Odisha

Bhubaneswar School of Hotel Management and Tourism (Id: C-23113), Khordha, Odisha

B.K. College of Art and Crafts (Id: C-23094), Khordha, Odisha

Buji Pattnaik College of Hotel Management and Tourism (Id: C-23098), Khordha, Odisha

Central Institute of Hotel Management and Catering (Id: C-23085), Khordha, Odisha

Centre for Management and Computer Education (Id: C-23084), Khordha, Odisha

Centre for Philanthrophy and Social Research (Id: C-23083), Khordha, Odisha

Centre for Social Sciences and Research (Id: C-23088), Khordha, Odisha

Dhauli College of Art and Crafts (Id: C-23110), Khordha, Odisha

First Academy of Media and Entertainment (Id: C-23104), Khordha, Odisha

Global Institute of Engineering and Management (Id: C-23096), Khordha, Odisha

Gopabandhu Institute of Social Sciences and Management (Id: C-23114), Khordha, Odisha

Govt. College of Art and Crafts (Id: C-23111), Ganjam, Odisha

Guru Harekrushna Behera College of Art and Culture (Id: C-23095), Baleshwar, Odisha

Indian Institute of Yogic Science and Research (Id: C-23109), Khordha, Odisha

Institute of Hotel Administration and Culinary Technology (Id: C-23100), Khordha, Odisha

Institute of Management and Culinary Arts (Id: C-23087), Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (Id: C-23090), Khordha, Odisha

Jayadev Institute of Social Science and Research (Id: C-23107), Khordha, Odisha

Kalayatan College of Art and Crafts (Id: C-23089), Sundargarh, Odisha

National College of Hotel Management (Id: C-23102), Sundargarh, Odisha

National Institute of Fashion Design (Id: C-23092), Khordha, Odisha

National Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism (Id: C-23108), Khordha, Odisha

National Institute of Social Work and Social Science (Id: C-23086), Khordha, Odisha

National Society for Education and Research (Id: C-23097), Khordha, Odisha

Odissi Research Centre (Id: C-23106), Khordha, Odisha

Orissa Academy of Social Sciences and Integrated Studies (Id: C-23082), Baleshwar, Odisha

Orissa Institute of Media Science and Culture (Id: C-23105), Khordha, Odisha

Premere Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Tourism (Id: C-23093), Puri, Odisha

Regional Institute of Social Science of Research (Id: C-23080), Puri, Odisha

Sambad School of Media and Culture (Id: C-23119), Khordha, Odisha

Satwik Institute of Professional Studies (Id: C-23101), Khordha, Odisha

Shree Aurobinda College of Art and Crafts (Id: C-23121), Kendujhar, Odisha

Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya (Id: C-23103), Khordha, Odisha

Xavier College of Hotel Management (Id: C-23115), Cuttack, Odisha

Yuvodaya College of Advance Technology (Id: C-23091), Balangir, Odisha