Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University, Madhepura (Id: U-0059)

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Adarsh College, Ghailarah (Id: C-29634), Madhepura, Bihar

A.L.Y. College, Tribeniganj (Id: C-29583), Supaul, Bihar

A. M. Degree College, Araria (Id: C-29590), Araria, Bihar

Anandi Janki Mahila College, Banmankhi (Id: C-29574), Purnia, Bihar

Araria College, Araria (Id: C-29616), Araria, Bihar

Balrampur College, Balrampur (Id: C-29619), Katihar, Bihar

B. D. College, Barsoi (Id: C-29633), Katihar, Bihar

B. M. College, Barari (Id: C-29620), Katihar, Bihar

B.M.T. Law College, Purnia (Id: C-29586), Purnia, Bihar

B.N.C. College, Dhamdaha (Id: C-29604), Purnia, Bihar

B.N.M.V. College, Sahugadh (Id: C-29577), Madhepura, Bihar

B.S. College, Simraha (Id: C-29641), Saharsa, Bihar

B.S.S. College, Supaul (Id: C-29615), Supaul, Bihar

C. K. M. Law College, Araria (Id: C-29591), Araria, Bihar

C.M. Sc. College, Madhepura (Id: C-29636), Madhepura, Bihar

Degree College, Supaul (Id: C-29617), Supaul, Bihar

D.S. College, Katihar (Id: C-29628), Katihar, Bihar

Evening College, Saharsa (Id: C-29626), Saharsa, Bihar

Forbishganj College, Forbisganj (Id: C-29606), Araria, Bihar

G.L.M. College, Banmankhi (Id: C-29627), Purnia, Bihar

H.S. College, Udakishunganj (Id: C-29593), Madhepura, Bihar

J.D.S.S. Mahila College, Forbishang (Id: C-29581), Araria, Bihar

Katihar Medical College, Katihar (Id: C-29573), Katihar, Bihar

K.B. Jha College, Katihar (Id: C-29600), Katihar, Bihar

K.B.Women's College,Madhepura (Id: C-29585), Madhepura, Bihar

K.C. of Engg. & Tech. Kishanganj (Id: C-29623), Kishanganj, Bihar

K. D. Degree College, Raniganj (Id: C-29610), Araria, Bihar

K.N.D. College, Raghopur (Id: C-29637), Supaul, Bihar

K.P. College, Murliganj (Id: C-29580), Madhepura, Bihar

L.N. College, Bangow (Id: C-29607), Saharsa, Bihar

L.N.M.S. College, Birpur (Id: C-29602), Supaul, Bihar

Madhepura College, Madhepura (Id: C-29578), Madhepura, Bihar

Marwari College, Kishanganj (Id: C-29605), Kishanganj, Bihar

M.F.A.A.T.T. College, Rambagh (Id: C-29635), Purnia, Bihar

M.G.M. Medical College, Kishanganj (Id: C-29587), Kishanganj, Bihar

M. H. A. N. D. College, Thakurganj (Id: C-29622), Kishanganj, Bihar

M.H.M. College, Sonbarsa (Id: C-29639), Saharsa, Bihar

M.I.T., Rambagh (Id: C-29598), Purnia, Bihar

M.J.M. Mahila College, Katihar (Id: C-29631), Katihar, Bihar

M.L. Arya College, Kasba (Id: C-29612), Purnia, Bihar

M.L.D.P.K.Y College, Araria (Id: C-29576), Araria, Bihar

M.L.T. College, Saharsa (Id: C-29614), Saharsa, Bihar

N.D. College, Rambagh (Id: C-29618), Purnia, Bihar

Nehru College, Bahadurganj (Id: C-29601), Kishanganj, Bihar

Nirmali College, Nirmali (Id: C-29624), Supaul, Bihar

Parmanand Sabitri Degree College, Harda (Id: C-29588), Purnia, Bihar

Pepople's College, Araria (Id: C-29643), Araria, Bihar

P.G. Centre, Saharsa (Id: C-29599), Saharsa, Bihar

P.Sc. College, Madhepura (Id: C-29589), Madhepura, Bihar

Purnia College, Purnia (Id: C-29625), Purnia, Bihar

Purnia Mahila College, Purnia (Id: C-29584), Purnia, Bihar

R.D.S. College, Salmari (Id: C-29640), Katihar, Bihar

R.Jha Mahila College, Saharsa (Id: C-29608), Saharsa, Bihar

R.K.K. College, Purnia (Id: C-29592), Purnia, Bihar

R. K. Saha Women's College, Kishanganj (Id: C-29595), Kishanganj, Bihar

R.L. College, Madhawnagar (Id: C-29609), Purnia, Bihar

R.M. College, Saharsa (Id: C-29632), Saharsa, Bihar

R.M.M. Law College, Saharsa (Id: C-29603), Saharsa, Bihar

R.P.M. College, Tuniyahi (Id: C-29629), Madhepura, Bihar

R. Y. Manihari College, Manihari (Id: C-29597), Katihar, Bihar

S.A.K.N.D. College, Madhepura (Id: C-29638), Madhepura, Bihar

S. D. Law College, Katihar (Id: C-29611), Katihar, Bihar

S.N.S. Mahila College, Supaul (Id: C-29642), Supaul, Bihar

S.N.S.R.K.S. College, Saharsa (Id: C-29579), Saharsa, Bihar

S.N.S.Y. Degree College, Rambagh (Id: C-29613), Purnia, Bihar

S.P.M. Law College, Madhepura (Id: C-29621), Madhepura, Bihar

S. R. C. College, Katihar (Id: C-29594), Katihar, Bihar

T.P. College, Madhepura (Id: C-29582), Madhepura, Bihar

U.V.K. College, Karama (Id: C-29630), Madhepura, Bihar

Y.N.P.Degree College, Raniganj (Id: C-29575), Araria, Bihar