Magadh University, Bodh Gaya (Id: U-0069)

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Alama Eqbal College,Biharshariff (Id: C-12920), Nalanda, Bihar

A.M.College (Id: C-12867), Gaya, Bihar

A.N.College (Id: C-12939), Patna, Bihar

A.N.S.College (Id: C-12892), Jehanabad, Bihar

A.N.S. College, Barh (Id: C-12883), Patna, Bihar

A.N.S. College,Nabinagar (Id: C-12880), Aurangabad, Bihar

A.N.S.M. College (Id: C-12957), Aurangabad, Bihar

A.P.B.N.S. college, Nadaul (Id: C-12933), Patna, Bihar

B.B.M.B.K. College, Bihta (Id: C-12836), Patna, Bihar

B.B.M. College, Okari (Id: C-12910), Jehanabad, Bihar

B.D.College (Id: C-12847), Patna, Bihar

Bhagwani Mahila College (Id: C-12831), Patna, Bihar

B.L.P. College, Masaurhi (Id: C-12866), Patna, Bihar

B.N. College, Sobh (Id: C-12873), Aurangabad, Bihar

B.R.S. Y. College, Kanhauli (Id: C-12950), Patna, Bihar

B.S.College, Danapur (Id: C-12955), Patna, Bihar

Budha Institute of Dental Science (Id: C-43570), Patna, Bihar

C.M.Mahila College, Patna (Id: C-12968), Patna, Bihar

College of Commerce (Id: C-12943), Patna, Bihar

C.P. Verma College, Simari (Id: C-12934), Patna, Bihar

C.S.Janta College, (Id: C-12909), Gaya, Bihar

Daudnagar College, Daudnagar (Id: C-12868), Aurangabad, Bihar

D.D.M. College (Id: C-12928), Patna, Bihar

D.D.M. College, Danapur (Id: C-12832), Patna, Bihar

Degree College, Islampur (Id: C-12860), Nalanda, Bihar

D.N. College, Masaurhi (Id: C-12856), Patna, Bihar

Dr. R.R.M. College, Chandi (Id: C-12913), Nalanda, Bihar

D.S.W. Evening College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12890), Nalanda, Bihar

F.G. College (Id: C-12923), Patna, Bihar

F. Sanda College, Fatehpur (Id: C-12951), Arwal, Bihar

Gaya College, Gaya (Id: C-12911), Gaya, Bihar

Gaya Evening College (Id: C-12935), Gaya, Bihar

G.B.M.College (Id: C-12930), Gaya, Bihar

G.D.M.College, (Id: C-12878), Patna, Bihar

G.D.M. College, Harnaut (Id: C-12894), Nalanda, Bihar

G.J.College, Rambagh, Bihta (Id: C-12929), Patna, Bihar

Govt. Girl's College, Gardanibagh (Id: C-12946), Patna, Bihar

Govt. Girl's College, Gulzarbagh (Id: C-12916), Patna, Bihar

J.D. Women's College (Id: C-12897), Patna, Bihar

Jehanabad College, Jehanabad (Id: C-12921), Jehanabad, Bihar

J.J.College (Id: C-12959), Gaya, Bihar

J.K.College, Fatehpur (Id: C-12841), Patna, Bihar

J.K.Y.College (Id: C-12960), Gaya, Bihar

J.N.L.College, Khagaul (Id: C-12919), Patna, Bihar

K.I.M. College (Id: C-12952), Patna, Bihar

Kisan College, Sohsarai (Id: C-12907), Nalanda, Bihar

K.K.M. Sc. College, Daudnagar (Id: C-12936), Aurangabad, Bihar

K.L.S.College, (Id: C-12924), Nawada, Bihar

K.P.S.College (Id: C-12954), Gaya, Bihar

K.P.S. College, Nadwan (Id: C-12945), Patna, Bihar

K.P.S. Sna College, H.Ganj (Id: C-12896), Jehanabad, Bihar

Krishak College,Pakri Barwan (Id: C-12885), Nawada, Bihar

K.S.M. College (Id: C-12879), Aurangabad, Bihar

K.S.T. College, Sohsarai (Id: C-12926), Nalanda, Bihar

K.S.Y. College, Barun (Id: C-12853), Aurangabad, Bihar

L.M.College (Id: C-12949), Gaya, Bihar

L.N.Mishra Institute of Economic development and social Change (Id: C-12940), Patna, Bihar

L.P.Sahi College (Id: C-12844), Patna, Bihar

L.S.T. College, Auragridham (Id: C-12876), Nalanda, Bihar

Mahabodhi College (Id: C-12864), Gaya, Bihar

Mahavir College (Id: C-12906), Gaya, Bihar

Mahila College, Daudnagar (Id: C-12927), Aurangabad, Bihar

Mahila College, Khagaul (Id: C-12854), Patna, Bihar

Mahila College, Tekari (Id: C-12877), Gaya, Bihar

Mahila College, Warsaliganj (Id: C-12862), Nawada, Bihar

Maulana Azad Engineering College (Id: C-43572), Patna, Bihar

M.B. College (Id: C-12922), Nalanda, Bihar

M.Budh Hiraman College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12865), Nalanda, Bihar

M.D.College, Naubatpur (Id: C-12961), Patna, Bihar

M.G.College (Id: C-12938), Gaya, Bihar

M.M.College, Bikram (Id: C-12962), Patna, Bihar

M.M.College, Chandi (Id: C-12859), Nalanda, Bihar

M.P. College, Balsara (Id: C-12888), Aurangabad, Bihar

M.S.Y.College (Id: C-12845), Gaya, Bihar

Muslim Science College, (Id: C-12835), Patna, Bihar

Nalanda College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12858), Nalanda, Bihar

Nalanda Mahilla College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12850), Nalanda, Bihar

N.J.S. College, Bakhtiyarpur (Id: C-12964), Patna, Bihar

N.R.I. College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12839), Nalanda, Bihar

Oriental College,Patnacity (Id: C-12900), Patna, Bihar

P.L.S.College, Masaurhi (Id: C-12908), Patna, Bihar

P.M.S. College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12840), Nalanda, Bihar

P.N.K. College, Achua (Id: C-12918), Patna, Bihar

P. Trimurti Eve. College (Id: C-12887), Patna, Bihar

R.C.S. college, Kurtha (Id: C-12834), Arwal, Bihar

R.K.D. College (Id: C-12902), Patna, Bihar

R.Lal College, Alinagar (Id: C-12914), Nalanda, Bihar

R.L.S.Y. College (Id: C-12904), Aurangabad, Bihar

R.L.S.Y. College (Id: C-12903), Gaya, Bihar

R.L.S.Y. College (Id: C-12905), Jehanabad, Bihar

R.L.S.Y. College, Anisabad (Id: C-12915), Patna, Bihar

R.L.S.Y. College, Bakhtiyarpur (Id: C-12947), Patna, Bihar

R.L.S.Y. College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12895), Nalanda, Bihar

R.M.W. College (Id: C-12941), Nawada, Bihar

R.P.College Datiana, Bikram (Id: C-12869), Patna, Bihar

R.P.M. College, Patnacity (Id: C-12846), Patna, Bihar

R.P.S. College (Id: C-12966), Patna, Bihar

R.P.S. College, Harnaut (Id: C-12849), Nalanda, Bihar

R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology (Id: C-43571), Patna, Bihar

R.P.S.M. College, (Id: C-12942), Patna, Bihar

R.R.P. College, Bhargawan (Id: C-12872), Patna, Bihar

R.R.S. College, Mokamah (Id: C-12948), Patna, Bihar

Sadanand College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12863), Nalanda, Bihar

Saptrishi College, Rajauli, Nawada (Id: C-12852), Nawada, Bihar

S.B.A.N. College, Darheta Lari (Id: C-12861), Arwal, Bihar

S.B.R. College, Barh (Id: C-12965), Patna, Bihar

S.D. College, Kaler (Id: C-12958), Jehanabad, Bihar

S.D.College, Pariya (Id: C-12874), Gaya, Bihar

S.G.D.M. College (Id: C-12898), Patna, Bihar

S.G.G.S. college, Patnacity (Id: C-12917), Patna, Bihar

S.G.M.College (Id: C-12963), Gaya, Bihar

Sidarth Mahila College (Id: C-12889), Patna, Bihar

S.J.S. College, Kurtha (Id: C-12884), Arwal, Bihar

S.K.M. College (Id: C-12875), Jehanabad, Bihar

S.K.M.College, (Id: C-12901), Nawada, Bihar

S.K.V.M. College, Fatuha (Id: C-12855), Patna, Bihar

S.M.College, Bodh Gaya (Id: C-12871), Gaya, Bihar

S.M.D. College, Punpun (Id: C-12851), Patna, Bihar

S.M.S.G. College, Sherghati (Id: C-12833), Gaya, Bihar

S.N.A.College, Barh (Id: C-12931), Patna, Bihar

S.N.S. College, Tekari (Id: C-12842), Gaya, Bihar

S.N.Sinha College, (Id: C-12912), Jehanabad, Bihar

S.N.Sinha College, Warsaliganj (Id: C-12932), Nawada, Bihar

Sogra College, Biharshariff (Id: C-12886), Nalanda, Bihar

S.P.College, Hilsa (Id: C-12870), Nalanda, Bihar

S.P.M.College, Udantpuri (Id: C-12893), Nalanda, Bihar

S.P.Y. College (Id: C-12967), Gaya, Bihar

Sri Arvind Mahila College (Id: C-12857), Patna, Bihar

S.R.S. College (Id: C-12848), Nawada, Bihar

S.S.College, (Id: C-12881), Jehanabad, Bihar

S.S.D.M. College, Barh (Id: C-12969), Patna, Bihar

S.Sinha College (Id: C-12882), Aurangabad, Bihar

S.S.Y. College (Id: C-12937), Gaya, Bihar

St. Xavier College, Digha (Id: C-12838), Patna, Bihar

S.U.College,Hilsa (Id: C-12837), Nalanda, Bihar

T.B.D.S. College, Goh (Id: C-12843), Aurangabad, Bihar

T.P.s. College, (Id: C-12925), Patna, Bihar

T.S. College, Hisua (Id: C-12899), Nawada, Bihar

V.K.S.College, Rafiganj (Id: C-12891), Aurangabad, Bihar

V.M.College, Pawapuri (Id: C-12953), Nalanda, Bihar

V.S.Roy M College, Sherghati (Id: C-12956), Gaya, Bihar

Wazirganj College, Gaya (Id: C-12944), Gaya, Bihar