T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur (Id: U-0076)

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BLSY College, Naugachia (Id: C-17626), Bhagalpur, Bihar

B.N. College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17619), Bhagalpur, Bihar

BNM College, Barhaiya (Id: C-17660), Lakhisarai, Bihar

BRM College, Munger (Id: C-17640), Munger, Bihar

CNB College, Hathiama, Sheikhpura (Id: C-17661), Sheikhpura, Bihar

CND College, Bounsi (Id: C-17615), Banka, Bihar

DNS College, Bhusia, Rajoun (Id: C-17657), Banka, Bihar

DRS College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17634), Bhagalpur, Bihar

DSM College, Jhajha (Id: C-17624), Jamui, Bihar

GB College, Naugachia (Id: C-17649), Bhagalpur, Bihar

HS College, Haweli Kharagpur (Id: C-17655), Munger, Bihar

International College, Ghosaith (Id: C-17618), Lakhisarai, Bihar

Jamalpur College, Jamalpur (Id: C-17630), Munger, Bihar

JMS College, Munger (Id: C-17644), Munger, Bihar

JP College, Narayanpur (Id: C-17635), Bhagalpur, Bihar

JRS College, Jamalpur (Id: C-17628), Munger, Bihar

KDS College, Gogri (Id: C-17663), Khagaria, Bihar

KKM College, Jamui (Id: C-17636), Jamui, Bihar

KMD College, Parbatta (Id: C-17656), Khagaria, Bihar

Koshi College, Khagaria (Id: C-17643), Khagaria, Bihar

KSS College, Lakhisarai (Id: C-17646), Lakhisarai, Bihar

LNBJ Mahila College, Bhramarpur (Id: C-17642), Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mahadeo Singh College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17653), Bhagalpur, Bihar

Mahila College, Barhaiya (Id: C-17652), Lakhisarai, Bihar

Mahila College, Khagaria (Id: C-17658), Khagaria, Bihar

MAM College, Naugachia (Id: C-17651), Bhagalpur, Bihar

Marwari College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17620), Bhagalpur, Bihar

M.M. College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17654), Bhagalpur, Bihar

MS College, Alouli, Khagaria (Id: C-17625), Bhagalpur, Bihar

Murarka College, Sultanganj (Id: C-17645), Bhagalpur, Bihar

PBS College, Banka (Id: C-17629), Banka, Bihar

R.A. College, Shambhuganj (Id: C-17614), Banka, Bihar

RD College. Sheikhpura (Id: C-17627), Sheikhpura, Bihar

RD & DJ College, Munger (Id: C-17662), Munger, Bihar

R. Lal College, Lakhisarai (Id: C-17659), Lakhisarai, Bihar

RS College, Tarapur (Id: C-17617), Munger, Bihar

Sabour College, Sabour (Id: C-17641), Bhagalpur, Bihar

SBN College, Garhirampur, Munger (Id: C-17622), Munger, Bihar

SDMY Degree College, Dhoraiya (Id: C-17616), Banka, Bihar

SGSM College, Sheikhpura (Id: C-17631), Sheikhpura, Bihar

S. Jhunjhunwala Mahila College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17632), Bhagalpur, Bihar

SKR College, Barbigha (Id: C-17637), Sheikhpura, Bihar

S.M. College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17650), Bhagalpur, Bihar

S.P.S. College, Jamui (Id: C-17639), Jamui, Bihar

SS College, Mehus, Seikhpura (Id: C-17638), Bhagalpur, Bihar

SSPS College, Shambhuganj (Id: C-17664), Banka, Bihar

SSV College, Kahalgaon (Id: C-17623), Bhagalpur, Bihar

Tarar College, Tarar (Id: C-17647), Bhagalpur, Bihar

TEACHERs TRAINING COLLEGE (Id: C-48047), Bhagalpur, Bihar

T.N.B. College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17621), Bhagalpur, Bihar

TNB Law College, Bhagalpur (Id: C-17648), Bhagalpur, Bihar

V.S. Vidhi Sansthan, Munger (Id: C-17633), Munger, Bihar